Blog inception & info

Alrighty, everyone. This is welaughatstupidshit from YouTube – and I’ve decided to start a blog as an addendum to that channel. Specifically though, you’ll just find a lot more information here on film education, analysis, theory – and some posts from me on certain epiphanies and ‘lightbulb’ moments I’ve come to while listening to these film commentaries,  watching and rewatching films, studying books, practicing filmmaking – and so on and so forth. I’m just a regular cat who loves all things cinematic and recently I’ve gotten a lot more serious about truly grasping the cinematic language. I’m putting my blood, sweat, and tears as they say into it and going all out hardcore about it. My YouTube channel was partly a reaction to this, and I want to share all the information I’m gaining from listening to these commentaries, with likeminded and just as ambitious cats who love all things cinema; not only by watching for the mere experience, but also creating cinema.

Some of the best, and my most favorite filmmakers never went to film school. But they didn’t get to where they were out of doing nothing. James Cameron and David Fincher were gluing wing parts to model airplanes on set and working on matte paintings, respectively before they even got their first stab at getting behind a camera to create. But this is a totally different era now, we’ve got DSLR cameras that allow us to get behind a camera and start practicing and telling stories – however that only goes so far… you need some education into cinematic language.

This blog, and my youtube channel are those sources – to better understand the cinematic language and become a better filmmaker, so that next time you grab your DSLR with an idea in mind – you know how to tell that story.

I’m going to only share the most vital information I come across in these commentaries. And my blog posts will also reflect the information I gain from these bits, books, and other sources.


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