SCREEN SPECIFIC: John McTiernan on filmmaking philosophy


If you haven’t had a chance to, or missed it – the current commentary compilation I’ve put together that is uploaded to YouTube has a screen specific version, which I have worked on editing for about two days straight trying to align what McTiernan talks about, with imagery from various films; his own & ones he references.

Here it is: screen specific version – if the link is down, let me know in the comments, or on the channel and I’ll re-up it.


5 thoughts on “SCREEN SPECIFIC: John McTiernan on filmmaking philosophy

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  3. Hi, I saw the video you posted with John McTiernan discussing lens flares right before it was taken down from Vimeo. On the page, you mentioned something about articles on lens flares accompanying the video but I couldn’t find them. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to re-post those articles or e-mail them to me at I’m developing a film that will require extensive use of lens flares so any information you have would be extremely appreciated 🙂

    Love the site and thanks again for posting all your hard work for fellow filmmakers to enjoy!

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