Pudovkin’s Five Editing Techniques

Vsevolod Pudovkin

Finally got the book Cinematic Storytelling which I’ve wanted to read for quite some time, and wanted to share this particular page that listed the techniques of film editing from a Soviet filmmaker and theorist, Vsevolod Pudovkin. You may ask how this pertains to commentaries, well, it may not, but this place is an overall addendum to the commentaries I am sharing with all. I will post anything valuable that has anything to say about cinematic language; that means visuals, editing, storytelling techniques.

Without further ado…


Reuploaded images to Photobucket, so it’s not hosted on such an adheavy site.

If the links are dead, post in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Pudovkin’s Five Editing Techniques

  1. You can see the russian theory influence in some Scorsese’s movies.
    Eisenstein, Pudovkin and Kuleshov are part of the base of cinema but nobody seems to give them much credit. They are great, especially Eisenstein movies.

    • Exactly right! Also the more I read of Pudovkin’s Film Technique, the more I’m certain John McTiernan has studied all of these theories. Pudovkin’s and Bazin’s – also the fact that he apprenticed for Jan Kadar, studied foreign films without reading subtitles – is all the more proof of this.

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