Filmmaker’s Eye & some thoughts on learning material

And finally, the last (but not least) of the textbooks I’m sharing that are very eye-opening concerning the visual language of cinema.


I read this book earlier this year, and I keep coming back to it, analyzing, studying, over and over again so I can understand how every shot works on an instinctual level. What I’ve truly grasped, is that – at least from personal experience – I only grasp something to the core if I, hear it, read it, or see it, over and over again. I believe that what makes one successful in mastering anything is not only practicing – but it’s the act of repetition. Repetition in itself is practice. When I was compiling together the McTiernan commentary, I kept hearing what he was talking about over and over again. After having finished it, I kept coming back to the finished screen-specific version and watching and listening to it on a regular basis, so that the concepts and ideas are well planted in my psyche. I have made amazing progress in that regard. Some people just have a knack for catching on to things quick, they’re naturals, but not me. So what works for me is the constant repetition, re-reading, re-watching of material, and to grasp something such as the cinematic language – I think it’s actually imperative one re-reads, and re-watches, and analyzes things until they grasp the concept.

Here are some images of the structure of the book, to give you an idea of how things are broken down and analyzed.




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