Fincher on filmmaking – megaselection


I am a contrarian by nature, so all it does is make me want to take real risks. I am like, ‘If we are not out on the ledge juggling chain saws, then we are doing ourselves a huge disservice.’

15 minutes of Fincher discussing filmmaking. Oh my.

I went to a place called the Berkley Film Institute for a summer program with a grade school friend of mine, and we just thought it was a joke. It was very impressionist, very Berkley. There were all these people who were there to communicate and change the world, to do all these lofty things — and then they made these really shitty, stupid little movies. And we were kind of like, “I’m not here for this, I’m just here to pull cable.” We were the youngest people there and we ended up being the grips and electrics on everybody else’s movies, and it was pretty good those six or seven weeks, we got to shoot Panaflex cameras and make a married print – it was in black and white and you made these little cheese-ball movies, but at least you were making “something.” It was kind of like film school in that way, but those who can’t do, teach, and those who couldn’t teach, taught there. They tried, they just didn’t want to get dirty with it, they didn’t want to get in up to their necks. It was all very patrician.

Part two coming later, focused on some technicals.


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