Terrence Malick aesthetic

UPDATE: Yeah that didn’t last long, they deleted the vids on Vimeo, I’m gonna try to just upload them to some kind of host for now
malickI put together this video back in August but couldn’t upload it to YT, though it’s now uploaded to Vimeo. I’ll be uploading screen-specific videos (more or less) to my Vimeo channel from now on, and general cinematic advice on my new youtube channel. So here it is. Cinematographer John Toll, production designer Jack Fisk, and producer Grant Hill talk about Terrence Malick’s approach to filmmaking.
Personal note: pay attention to the moment at 9:50 – this makes me think of people like John McTiernan and Tony Scott (a commentary I am currently compiling in the same way I have done one for McTiernan) and I’m seeing how each filmmaker has their own unique vision and approach to filmmaking. Their own voice so to speak. I think it’s very important to find that voice, or approach to how one constructs, approaches the filmmaking because it’s in essence the foundation of how you’ll be telling your story.



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