Tony Scott on filmmaking – part III


Here’s some new free stuff.

Anybody want some Nolan? Let’s see how many comments we can get.


6 thoughts on “Tony Scott on filmmaking – part III

  1. I’m interested to see what you could dig up from Nolan. Besides Following, im wondering what else he’s done? Love the site by the way. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. I’m part of the new culture kinda, holding on and trying to stay afloat with the older matured filmmaking crowd too. as a spfx guy , I love and can watch for hrs the historic film makers art. But what was wrote and basic as well as required to shoot a film is becoming supersized, sped up and blasted out of the garbuerator nowadays, we realistic on the hunt filmmakers no longer look to the big studios for the realization of the dream, so I find this commentary vision to be a bit jaded and old school. And his looks and personal stamp are ancient although intriguing to a degree, but he has taught me nothing that hasn’t been over analyzed and re spewed 10000 times by my director wannabe coworkers or the critques, the film school instructors. Film is like steel art! Bend it to your will and fix it hard , stay focused and outlive the temps… Film old was class and vision , Film now is a really tough art. Made easy by tech that doesn’t care.

  3. I’d love to listen to some Nolan too, last time I read an interview with him I was surprised by the way he works, I think I can remember that he was using very simple shooting technique to keep his focus on the story on the actors and the story. This simplicity surprised me because it was not something that would have been expected from a blockbuster director, it would have fitted to a independant director better.

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