How John Schwartzman & Michael Bay met + update


Thought I’d share something slightly off-topic – and that’s how cinematographer John Schwartzman and director Michael Bay started out making films early in their career. As you’ll hear John call it himself, this is a reader’s digest version of it. I thought it was interesting, sort of shows how something that begins early on in a filmmaker’s life may develop into a full blown professional relationship later in life no different than Scorsese-Pesci-DeNiro collaborations or Spielberg and Hanks, or Nolan and Pfister.

How John Schwartzman and Michael Bay started out

P.S. I haven’t been cranking out much commentary material, but I can assure you it’s temporary. Also I have recorded the first ever episode of The Collective Podcast with the Über designer Ash Thorp with a self-taught filmmaker Anthony Scott Burns – which you will soon get to hear. You can see Anthony’s most recent work below.


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