First episode of The Collective is here

In trying to expand here with Ash Thorp, we have collaborated on creating a podcast which will bring professionals working within the creative industry. Whether it be filmmakers, designers, composers, editors, DP’s – we’ll try to get them all in. There will be some interesting people within the industry who will be our guests in the future. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, have a listen below and check out the Facebook and Twitter links to get updates on who’s coming or just what exactly is happening at all.



One thought on “First episode of The Collective is here

  1. Hi, finaly had time to listen to the whole podcast. It’s impossible to comment on everything that was said. Each topic, idea or issue could be discussed at length and into great depths, so I am going to comment on one thing that excites me a lot – collaborative learning.

    We’ve already talked about that we do this primarily for ourselves, thats where the motivation comes from, but by sharing it with like-minded individuals, we bring this whole thing to the next level.

    For example, you don’t have to sit and listen to the shitty commentaries, because someone else already did. And that same person says “hey, this is actually interesting, here they talk about how they shot the scene and why.” And for this I am grateful. The podcast is great extension for what you do already on this blog.

    This whole comment is actually meant as a big thanks to you and your pals for doing this and sharing it with us.

    If filmmaking is a collaborative process, why not learning? Great job guys!

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