Ridley Scott on apprenticeships


Apprenticeships – try to get one in this cutthroat business.


One thought on “Ridley Scott on apprenticeships

  1. I tried , it fucked me , it used me, stole from me, but I survived! I created with nothing, begged pleaded and then offered apologies, I then adapted shifted and created again. I stared into the abyss wondered if it was really worth it and raged at the futility, the stupidity of it… Laughed at it… And knuckled down to tackle it again… You will not take away my dream. I spent to much time , made to many promises to my wife my kids to be dissuaded by over confident old men who live off of their past works as if it was epic and will never be surpassed that is bullshit. They hold us back back 4 a reason. For if they are ever found out how human they are ? Jeez movies would cost so much less to go see, that would be amazing wouldn’t it?

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