Ridley Scott on filmmaking – part I


Here it is, the first of a series of Ridley commentaries. Sorry, no video this time. Ridley’s discussions are always filled with good information on technical side of things as well as the industry. Devour it.


4 thoughts on “Ridley Scott on filmmaking – part I

  1. I’ve been doing my own studies of filmmaking from the masters by ripping the commentary track soff DVD’s and listening to them in the car/while exercising, etc. and I love this site and what you’re doing! Thanks and keep it up. Quick request though: would you be able to make these edited commentaries as downloadable audio files?

  2. Hello,

    I like his sincerity. He doesn’t oil your tongue with something that’s nice to listen to. Imagine the amount of his experience! 3000 commercials. He’s not hiding and speaks openly about commercial aspect of the filmmaking, which is in my opinion now more important than ever. He has to be really busy, as he’s developing several projects at a time, however, “Ridley Scott on Filmmaking” book would be really extraordinary.

    Concerning of his commentaries, they are really an additional value in terms of bonus material on the DVD/BD release. I always find something new in his tracks.



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