Claude Chabrol on style

claude chabrol

One of the pioneers of the French New Wave – Claude Chabrol – made his first film at 29 (mid to late 20’s is when his peers like Truffaut, Godard, Malle, etc, also started). Most of the filmmakers associated with this fresh movement were film critics who wrote for Cahiers du cinéma, and watched an insurmountable amount of films, which combined with critiquing films, was essentially their film school. Godard at one point was known to have watched a 1000 films a year.

In this selection I have uploaded, film scholar Adrian Martin cites and describes an article Chabrol had written in the 50’s – content of which, practically every successful filmmaker had adopted. To some, this is common sense, and it is – it actually becomes common sense the more you watch films and analyze them consciously. The article is on style and how it pertains to the content of a particular film. In other words, making The Matrix trilogy entirely handheld, not thinking about the production, art, and visual design makes for a “wrong” approach to telling that particular story. No different than having the Bourne trilogy have slow moving action scenes, holding on a shot a couple frames too long, and so on and so forth.


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