Kurt Russell & John Carpenter on the importance of vision


More proof for you that pointing a camera at something does not a great filmmaker make. A nice addendum to Chabrol’s thoughts on style. The two discuss the importance of vision and style pertaining to storytelling.

Here’s a nice addendum by Quentin Tarantino on getting advice from Terry Gilliam on how to translate vision into a film.


5 thoughts on “Kurt Russell & John Carpenter on the importance of vision

  1. I agree that so many movies are made without stories that matter, what I don’t understand is why anyone attempts to make a movie without a great story? btw Kurt Russell is the man.

    • Some people get into filmmaking for the money, some don’t have enough experience, some do certain films just to stay in the business – there are many reasons. Though let’s not forget if we’re talking about Hollywood – it’s a big business, keyword “business” – there are certain formulas that they just rinse & repeat which a lot of people get hooked up on.

      • I do feel as though those reasons are cop outs. Of course there are many reasons for everything, but i guess it is just naive hope that people would be a part of this industry in order to tell a great story, but I understand what you’re saying.

      • If you’re only looking for great stories in Hollywood, you’ll find those to be very few and in-between, brother. We have almost a 100 years worth of films from every country – I suggest going backwards, or simply looking outside of Hollywood system or even USA. You’ll discover some gems, I guarantee it, like Denzel. A great start is always Criterion.

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