David Cronenberg on filmmaking: Part 3


Part 3 is here. Cronenberg gives a lot of insight on lighting seeing as how Crash’s filming logistics required a lot of location and night shooting.


David Cronenberg on filmmaking: Part 2

cronenberg2More cinematic information from the body horror master. David Cronenberg is one of the most articulate commentators I’ve heard yet. Again, I left out the ‘character motivation’ bits so you get majority of the commentary on the shoot and directing philosophy from Cronenberg. Much to be gleaned from.



6 Filmmaking Tips From David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg on filmmaking

cronenbergThe master of body horror himself. David Cronenberg talks about the choices and filmmaking decisions he’s made in A History of Violence. This is one of the first of a series, since he has recorded them for most of his films. Again, I try to include only filmmaking information — there’s quite a bit of dialogue from him on the motivations of the characters that I left out but I’m going to post some of them separately later on.