John Carpenter and Jared Harris on filmmaking


In which Jared Harris takes on the role of a moderator and asks John Carpenter about filmmaking. Discussions include production design, film looks, anamorphic, audiences, directing, film style and how it pertains to film acting, on-set discipline and market research. Previous discussions can be heard on stage fright here, and on acting here.

John Carpenter and Jared Harris on acting


John Carpenter and Jared Harris sit down to talk about acting, where Carpenter acts as a moderator asking questions and gets answers about the craft from master thespian Jared Harris, son of an even bigger thespian Richard Harris. If you’d like to know a few things about an actor’s process, acting for TV, what they do on time off, and what goes through their mind when a director gives them directions then hear it all below.

Kurt Russell & John Carpenter on the importance of vision


More proof for you that pointing a camera at something does not a great filmmaker make. A nice addendum to Chabrol’s thoughts on style. The two discuss the importance of vision and style pertaining to storytelling.

Here’s a nice addendum by Quentin Tarantino on getting advice from Terry Gilliam on how to translate vision into a film.