Michael Mann on filmmaking – Part I & II

Michael Mann

The ever detail-oriented Michael Mann talks about how to tell a story in a compressed amount of time. More Mann selects to come.

Paul Thomas Anderson on filmmaking – Part I


Learn from an autodidact filmmaker in this first half of a two-part selection.

Ridley Scott on filmmaking – Part V


There’s still many more to come of Ridley Scott’s take and process on filmmaking. In this particular segment, there’s more in depth discussions about the mood and atmosphere of a film, the characters within that world. A ground that is more cynical and more a reflection of real life. Ridley also talks about the line in filmmaking that’s tricky – going over the top, or the sentimental route.

Paul Thomas Anderson on filmmaking – part I


First part of a series of informative selections from PTA and Philip Baker Hall together. PTA is a known cinephile who comes from the same camp as Quentin Tarantino. A man who had immersed himself in studying cinema by watching a plethora of films and utilized the knowledge gathered from laserdisc commentaries in the late 80’s and early 90’s to learn filmmaking on his own. Of course not many people know he had a leg up in the industry as much as he likes to milk the “non-film school” card, but one can still admire the dedication of learning the craft by being a sponge, soaking up all kinds of filmmaking information.

First episode of The Collective is here

In trying to expand here with Ash Thorp, we have collaborated on creating a podcast which will bring professionals working within the creative industry. Whether it be filmmakers, designers, composers, editors, DP’s – we’ll try to get them all in. There will be some interesting people within the industry who will be our guests in the future. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, have a listen below and check out the Facebook and Twitter links to get updates on who’s coming or just what exactly is happening at all.