Ridley Scott on filmmaking – part I


Here it is, the first of a series of Ridley commentaries. Sorry, no video this time. Ridley’s discussions are always filled with good information on technical side of things as well as the industry. Devour it.

David Mamet on film + reading material and some info

David Mamet

So the blog and the channel are growing – no surprise there – and will continue to grow. However I’m not seeing any comments, so lots of lurkers. I would encourage you all to post in the comments section of the blog or in the comments of the channel. This isn’t really to fulfill some sort of egotistical desire for attention, I’m actually interested in people’s thoughts on the commentaries. I also would encourage discussions that go beyond the commentaries; your thoughts on the concepts presented, maybe stories from your personal shoots that you can relate to the concepts discussed and vice versa. I want this place to become a melting pot of all the amateur and working filmmakers, and hear you all talk about filmmaking. This will help me, this will help the next guy who comes across this blog, and most importantly this will help you. Believe it or not, actively discussing, analyzing filmmaking makes you solidfy these concepts in your HEAD much better than just listening to or seeing anything on screen that pertains to filmmaking. That’s why I wrote that scene analysis for Dogtooth and I’m going to continue breaking things down like that so that I truly grasp what I see on screen. The psychology of learning is very real. Take for example the Socratic method, which Mamet mentions in the selections I’ve posted below… “stimulates critical thinking which illuminate ideas”

So stop being a lurker and start discussing along in the comments if you’re serious about learning filmmaking. If you have something to say; say it. Don’t lurk in the shadows; be active, you win in the end.