• If you find that my channel gets shutdown by the powers that be, you’ll find me here immediately, I will always either make a new account, or find my own place to host these commentaries

This blog is an addendum to my YouTube channel where I post only the most valuable excerpts of commentary information from various films. Mainly the selects that I choose are theoretical in nature – that is, it is irrelevant what film they’re from as they are not screen specific. I mull over these bits quite a bit to make sure they can be understood on their own. Do not ask me for a TITLE whenever I post these commentaries. If you are so curious, why not and watch the director’s entire films with the commentaries on like I do? I provide a service for those who want to learn, on my own free time. On this blog I will compile best bits on cinematic language. This is less of a technical blog as it is a theoretical, analytical, and philosophical space for young filmmakers or just cinephiles who want to grasp the language of cinema.

To contact me personally you can write to filmcommentaries@gmail.com

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  1. Very interesting site! I particulalry like the Sturges commentary, his suggestion that camera angles, movements, other aesthetic choices should be essentially invisible and subservient to primary visual experience of the audience. I generally prefer films of this sort, where the aesthetic imprint seems organic, as if the director’s style emerged only as a byproduct to their focus on the narrative demands of the film. Some modern directors seem more preoccupied with their own pallet, with the canvas existing mostly as a recepticle for thier color or brushstrokes. Style for its own sake, dialog driven by a desire to draw attention to the cleverness of those behind the camera, rather than the characters in front of them. A lot to explore here! Thanks!

    • Agreed. I mean there are some films that are good, and even GREAT where the camera isn’t necessarily invisible – Scorsese comes to mind, and PTA – but they use it for a reason.

      I just watched this flick from Greece, part of the Greek new wave – called “Attenberg” it’s very minimalist, nothing fancy, the camera is just there to tell the story, nothing more, nothing less. Really quite amazing. I love that type of style.

  2. Hi, I just came across the Christopher Nolan on filmmaking section, but the vimeo video is not working – has it been taken down?

    Thanks, I look forward to exploring the rest of your site – looks like loads of great content.


  3. Hey – I Love all the various videos, but it would be great if you gave the info of what films the commentaries were from, then it gives it context if you’ve seen the film.


    • Sorry, but I can’t do that. Everything is at the risk of being taken down if I start announcing what films are being talked about. You get to know the speaker, and you get the info – which is what matters the most. The type of info I tend to cut out from the commentaries is mostly about ideas, concepts – not exactly ABOUT the given film. That’s my whole point with these commentaries. But really, I can’t announce – even commentaries get flagged and get taken down

      • Some of the moments they are talking about, particularly from a technical standpoint seem very relevant to specific scenes.

        But hey, I understand – I’d rather have the videos without that info, than not at all.

        Thanks again for all the work.

      • yeah I understand man, I will try to include a screenshot for moments like those in the future. It’s just that even with screenshots – there are invisible watermarks, so when I upload some 15 minute commentary to youtube with a screenshot from the film – youtube immediately reads the watermark and blocks the video the moment it uploads. I’ve had that issue a few times now. Specifically with John McTiernan’s one from Die Hard.

  4. I´ve been looking for somethin like this since not every good director gives a good cometary and often there is a lot of filler- thanks for all the work you put into this!

  5. Amazing site, lotta goodies here. Suggestion: would you maybe be able to put fewer items on the main page? I know most people have newer machines, fast internet etc, but it really takes forever to load, esp with all the media. Thanks again, awesome site!

    • I’m trying to figure out how to do that on wordpress – if anyone knows how, don’t hesitate to write, I’d love to be able to split the main page to about 10 posts per page.

  6. Mate, I love your site – only stumbled upon it yesterday but i can’t download any of your valuable shot by shot material as my computer keeps showing the following messages

    Contains virus patterns of Adware ADWARE/InstallRex.Gen

    Can you advise or can you put on a disk or usb stick and I will pay you for it?


  7. First of all no offence intended – I appreciate from your user interaction and your work that you “don’t play that game”. If I have offended you please accept my apology.

    Second – thank your prompt reply I will look into this and sort it out.

    Kind regards

    • No man, no offence here – reading text isn’t the same as hearing someone talk so you can’t “hear” my tone of voice. But I’ve downloaded plenty of files from sendspace myself from blogs similar to mine that share info and never got a virus.

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  14. Not sure if this is the right place, but your Heat shot breakdown link is dead. Any chance you can re upload? Great blog btw!

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