Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith on directing


The only thing you need to grasp about what directing entails (but not limited to). Hear what Quentin Tarantino learned from Terry Gilliam, and hear Kevin Smith expanding his thoughts on directing – and understand how similar both of their answers are. Ask any director, and they’ll give you the same answer.


5 thoughts on “Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith on directing

  1. hahah when Tarantino explained how his idea of Directing went “Poof” literally that moment my Idea of directing went ‘POOF’ a haha

    • Yeah, it’s all about communication and articulation. There’s a lot of myth about filmmaking in general. Once you get to know the basic, fundamental rules which ANY craft abides by – that given craft is demystified and becomes a lot more simpler than people think. That isn’t to say that it becomes SIMPLISTIC, just simpler.

  2. It’s funny listening to Quentin saying it’s the vision and Kevin it’s just question because their both soo opposite on what they think what Directing is. In the end, it is the vision, no matter who does it, or you do it yourself the vision is what matters. What message you want to put in your vision so people can say WOW!, that’s a fucking awesome movie.

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