John Sturges schools you on filmmaking – part I – process

sturges is the manPhew…finished it, right at midnight. Most would simply upload the entire thing and not waste time. But not me, I guess this is my obsessive, detail-oriented nature, where I have to have everything done right (for the ones who are perplexed by my definition of “right” – meaning, it’s the compression, organizational process of choosing the most valuable info from a commentary that pertains to filmmaking) But then again, I’m doing this for myself anyways, so in the long run the time spent on all of this benefits me regardless. Also, it’s training. Training to be precise, just like a director, DP, or an editor. So I spent some time going through the commentary (PTA didn’t disappoint, it lived up to the hype) and I split it in two halves, one mostly that has to do with storytelling, and the other is about the filmmaking process which I’m uploading first. The other half I’ll up tomorrow or the day after. The film itself is an hour and 21 minutes, when I got done splicing up the bits I marked as informative – I had about 50 minutes of material from Sturges. After the split, I left out about 20 minutes that was good, but mostly outdated. So what you’ve got is essentially 30 minutes of some really great fucking filmmaking discussion.

I am thankful that this great man left us with some insight before he left this earth.

big up to centrino from KG for the rip

I’ll end up doing a screen specific at some point.


14 thoughts on “John Sturges schools you on filmmaking – part I – process

  1. Thanks – you are amazingly awesome. Is there any possibility of e-mailing an MP3 of the whole commentary for obsessives like myself who’d love to watch the whole thing with the movie? Thanks in advance!

  2. Seriously, this is amazing, but what is it exactly that you’ve deemed outdated? I’d love to be able to get it uncut to watch it with the film. In fact, I’d even pay you for the privilege.

  3. Found the whole commentary myself last night. Will be watching your chosen nuggets, but gonna need to rewatch the film with whole commentary sometime soon also.

  4. Well the outdated bits were mostly the day for night bits, then you had some short bits and pieces that weren’t that important. Yeah I’ll post the whole thing later (email each other for now if you can’t wait)

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