Arthur Cantrill discusses Dziga Vertov


“Our eyes see very little and very badly – so people dreamed up the microscope to let them see invisible phenomena; they invented the telescope…now they have perfected the cinecamera to penetrate more deeply into the visible world, to explore and record visual phenomena so that what is happening now, which will have to be taken account of in the future, is not forgotten.”

Here I’ve put together a comp of Arthur Cantrill’s commentary for A Man with a Movie Camera (later I’m going to do one with Yuri Tsivian’s comments)

Dziga Vertov was one of the first pioneers of montage and cinematic language in general, along with Eisenstein, Pudovkin, Kuleshov. This is a screen-specific video along with Cantrill’s insights into the philosophy of Vertov and his theoretical writings.

Vertov’s theories have largely inspired the French Cinéma vérité documentary movement, but not limited to.

If you have not seen A Man with a Movie Camera you can watch it below with The Cinematic Orchestra score



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