Alex Proyas & Ridley Scott on shot sizes

Alex Proyas image

I’ve been waiting quite a few months now just to include Ridley’s comments on shot sizes, but I waited because I wanted to supplement it with another filmmaker’s comments on the same topic. I’ve finally come across just that – courtesy of Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City) – we now have two filmmakers commenting on constructing a visual narrative through shot sizes. It’s a topic I’m personally extremely interested it and have studied at great length and continue to on a daily basis. It is a very important aspect of the cinematic language that one must have a solid grasp on. It can be complex in the beginning, but once one grasps it, it becomes much easier to tell a story visually.


2 thoughts on “Alex Proyas & Ridley Scott on shot sizes

  1. Interesting what Ridley Scott says about sound adding energy to a scene. Just watched The Deer Hunter again and noticed how every scene in the home town is pervaded by the sound of the steelworks giving even the domestic interiors the context and pulsing energy of the harsh industrial world they inhabit.

    • Tony Scott has done the same, and he mentions it in his commentaries all the time – adding elements to a scene to create rhythm and energy. Whether it’s putting water on windshield, or shooting at 6fps. All directors who have come from commercials understand this – because they’ve got 10-30 seconds to tell a story in the best, most exciting way.

      The Deer Hunter is a good example, Scoop

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