Ridley Scott on filmmaking – Part V


There’s still many more to come of Ridley Scott’s take and process on filmmaking. In this particular segment, there’s more in depth discussions about the mood and atmosphere of a film, the characters within that world. A ground that is more cynical and more a reflection of real life. Ridley also talks about the line in filmmaking that’s tricky – going over the top, or the sentimental route.


2 thoughts on “Ridley Scott on filmmaking – Part V

  1. Another great post. Would the creator of this blog consider putting the name of the film being discussed in the text blurb below the video? Or if you wanted to get fancy, you could put it in the video, with text updating in the video that names the topic being discussed in that particular section, as in, “Mood and Atmosphere.” That might be too much of a hassle, but it’s a thought. This is a great blog. Thank you!

  2. We love Ridley’s lack of BS. Always straight talking and full of wonderful insights. Blade Runner is the main reason i started making films. The fact that it’s thirty years old and still stands up to most sci-fi films is a testament to his vision.

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